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Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Sirius poked the toe of his boot at a duck and sank a little further down on the bench in sullen melancholy. Unperturbed, the duck continued to wander in search of dropped crumbs that Sirius was completely lacking in at the moment, and he pondered on the nature of duck ghosts and hated the world a little.
God, I am so bored.
Happy and sleepy and so on and so on.

I wonder where my brother is...
Wesley? I'm out of books.
Again, this isn't the cabin of my ship. Everytime I attempt to retire to it to start the map for my next job for Beckett -I end up in some silly little nook of a place full of strange people and pirates claiming to be me. (I still laugh at that, however appealing the life-style may seem to me now. At least I don't apparently die prematurely, the world does need a Jack Sparrow, young or old in it. Pirate or not.)

I don't suppose anyone here has advice on handling a new ship? Recently recieved her, christened her The Wicked Wench. It'll be my first ship I'm not assisting on and that doesn't belong to my father. Funny, I should be excited about this; but the ... ah, older me said I ought not get attached to the Wench. I'm might concerned now what would befall of her and if I should try and stop it. (My darling ship, I don't want to lose her before I have her.)

Mercy, this is what I get for being involed with the EITC.

At least I keep my charm when I age.
Um....*sniff* D-does anyone have a n-needle and maybe some thread?... I need to r-repair something b-before I return it to it's o-owner.
Now that I'm not going to do it (Snape was kind enough to slap me when I mentioned it, you see), I can say that I had actually found a way to kill myself.

Let us all ponder, for a moment, the staggering paradox.

And then let us drink ourselves alive, I think. Where's some wine?

(For the curious, he also told me to stop being such a drama whore and that I oughtn't hurt James and Sirius like I seem to keep doing. Hence... still here. Convenient, right? Sigh.)
If any of you notice someone who looks like the vampire that used to get drunk in public, could you send him my way? I'm afraid I've lost him and I don't want him wandering off on his own.
In my newfound abundance of spare time, I have discovered that I don't actually have to breathe, except when I want to talk.

I suppose it makes sense, but it does seem rather silly that I've been spending all this time breathing uselessly, doesn't it?
Okay, somone tell me just what the hell that was! Like, NOW.

Spike's being not-Spike like and Angel was...ew, just for the record. And also, keep trying that buddy, and I'll find some way to get you back to undeadness and the hell out of here. And I don't mean the hell part literally, considering half of us are already there. Oh God I sounded like Buffy.

And, on a completely unrelated note, is there such a thing as a dead person having migraines? Or...weird dreams? And I don't mean like a sexy fantasy or anything like that, either.