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There is a whirlpool I seem to be caught in ever since I came upon this vacuum. I am repeatedly tossed back and forth between Hogwarts, unrecognizable or sometimes too familiar dimensions, and this omnibus of creatures.

I honestly and most vehemently DO NOT LIKE IT.

There are no resources kept about this place, written or otherwise. I demand answers. Who will provide them? Is it that demon Katou? Where is he?

If he can supply a resolution to this new torment (for I have plenty already), and a body, as I was told, I COMMAND HIS PRESENCE, IMMEDIATELY.
Are you he? Are you Katou?
Uh, yeah. Who're you?
My name is Ozma. I'm a ghost. But I'm not supposed to be, I swear it.


eeurgh, you're like 8 years old. Whaddaya want, squirt?
Well, actually, 124, but nevermind that. Impudent demon or whatever you are! Grrrawararrrarr.

I want to know what this place is and why it keeps throwing me about through multiple dimensions as if I was a rag doll. Unacceptable and nauseating. And I want to know about this talk of bodies. The last time I was in here for a stable amount of time, Sirius Black mentioned bodies.
EW you're stupid old. shouldn't you be more wrinkly?

How should I know? This place is weird. maybe you pissed something off. and yeah, bodies, plant bodies, what about 'em.
You're... a skinny little brat. And you're the stupid one. I'm a ghost, I can't age in death. Even a mistaken death.

Perhaps shouldn't insult him, might not give me a body, but WHAT, HOW DARE HE, UGH, SMITE.

Why don't you know? Are you not in charge? Who is in charge?

...Plants, what.
at least I was seventeen when I died.

HEY YOU DON'T KNOW I COULD BE IN CHARGE. except Luci's in charge, here, y'know. and Uriel makes the plant bodies.
Oh, congratulations, one bloody year. Your maturity shines, most definitely.

Who is Luci? And Uriel? And what in blazes is all this about the bodies being made of plants?
you're small and invisible-wrinkly.

Luci is Lucifer and Uriel is Uriel. pssh, don't you pay attention? tch. Uriel makes bodies out of plants. what part of this are you having trouble with, shorty?
I am not wrinkly, you-- you plebeian. And I'm not invisible, either, just... unfortunately opaque.

Lucifer? Is that just a coincidence or is that... Lucifer is the name of the devil, where I come from.

Your exposition of logic is abominably lacking. Don't call me shorty! I'm not that short. I am fairly in the middle of the spectrum, actually, even if I'd like to be a bit-- oh, NEVERMIND. Why, how, are they made of plants? If I was able to acquire one, would I look like a geranium?
ajflksjg stop talking like you ate a dictionary!

That's because Luci IS the devil. SERIOUSLY PAY ATTENTION i don't like repeating myself.

aaauuughhh god i hate kids okay LISTEN UP first of all you are short. second of all NO the plant bodies look just like regular bodies, you saw sirius, you are seeing me right now, it's just the same except for a few extra crazy benefits like smoking your fingers and turning your hair purple.
Dictionary, pfft. It's called education. Honestly.

Well, some people have an odd sense of humour in the naming process. Not to mention I've seen weirder coincidences in all the dimensions I've been thrown into of late.

I AM NOT A KID. Stop talking down to me or I will wrench your eyelids from your face and hide them from you! I can do that, you know; poltergeists are entirely capable of manipulating physical objects without touching them!!! Sometimes. And then-- and then I will haunt you for all eternity!

Oh. Oh, right, Sirius had one. You have one, as well? I thought perhaps being a demon, you simply... well, alright, fine. Smoke my fingers? How wildly inappropriate. Hair colour... hm...

...What's the catch.

...you're a really weird dead kid. did you die from choking on the blood of the farm animals you were slaughtering?

Smoking fingers is the best thing ever, don't hate. The CATCH? the catch is you'd be dead, dollface. if you can think of a bigger catch than that, you lemme know.

I don't want to talk about it.

What is the point of smoking them? When you say plants, do you mean tobacco? What sort of catch is that -- I'm already dead.

good, because i don't want to hear about it.

to be higher than the sun the moon the clouds and all those little shiny things up in the sky that some people like to call stars and other people like to call the mothership. OH MY GOD YOU'RE RIGHT YOU ARE, so maybe you could quit yer bitchin' and just take the nice body that's pretty much your only consolation prize, unless of course y'don't really want it after all.
Foolish pest.

Well, good.

What do you mean, high? Do you mean... oh. Oh, I don't-- not interested in that, thank you.

Alright, yes, I don't know why I'm arguing. I've wanted my body back for a century and then some. Although this certainly won't be the same. I hope having it will stabilize me enough to keep from being tossed about through time and space.

Give it here.
Sorry, your highnessness, i can't just "give it here" because i don't HAVE it here, you want one and i gotta go and let uriel know that he has to put his nice gardening plans on hold and rip up a tree or something so that you can feel a little less see-through, and i just realized that i don't care enough about you to bother.
you have fifteen seconds to make me care.
That's so unfair! Why is everything so un-- damn it all to hell.

Is it so wrong to want to be able to touch people again? I've... almost completely forgotten what it feels like.
oop, daylight savings time hit. you now have four seconds.
Nevermind. No one understands. Why should you.

Just go away, demon.
it's now the end of time and we're both on fire.

heheheh. i'll go get yer body, brat.